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Senior Software Tester

Quality Assurance | Montreal, Quebec

PaymentPin, launched in 2004, is an industry leader in micro-payment solutions. We provide high-level software development capabilities and specialize in mobile payment processing. PaymentPin recently concluded a development agreement with Boku to extend existing development capabilities with new resources and development services. This specific job offer will be directly related to this new development services.

Boku is the world leader in online payments, enabling consumers to buy goods and services with their mobile phone. Boku offers a fast-paced, challenge-packed working environment staffed with engineers from top companies. The Paymentpin testing team is looking for a Senior Software Tester to test the mobile payments software that is changing the way people buy goods and services online - using their mobile phone.

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About us:
Our testing team is growing to face the challenges of expanding our services and customer base and scaling our testing with it. We primarily test Java web applications for a highly available, service-oriented platform. We are constantly engaged by the testing challenges offered by our existing and new products, giving testers a large domain to work in and a broad array of challenges to solve. We work in all parts of our applications, including the user interfaces that our consumers interact with, APIs that our merchants and partners connect to, and back-end service calls made among apps and databases. We are thinking testers.

Senior Software Tester:
We are looking for an outstanding and experienced Senior Software Tester who will be responsible for all manner of testing activities against a Java web application front and back end. In this role, the Senior Software Tester will guide the test team through smart test planning and execution in a 100% hands-on role. The role is a challenge and requires an extensive background in testing and strong familiarity with the open source technologies used at PaymentPin. An unrelenting questioning mind is absolutely essential in this role.

What you will do:
  • Work with the Test Manager and the test team to create and own the test strategy, plan, and other artifacts associated with testing GUI and API products across a large service-oriented platform. We approach testing from an Agile perspective and favor light documentation, such as test cases, wikis, and mind maps, instead of large and detailed test plans and matrices.
  • Collaborate with developers, product managers, testers, and other distributed team members on the planning, development, and testing of our products. As the tester, you will ask the right types of questions about a project in order to discover the important areas to test. You will work extensively with the team to uncover this information and remove ambiguity from requirements, and do with little upfront documentation. Your strong questioning mind will help the team discover interesting interactions that hadn’t been considered before.
  • Make use of appropriate testing skills and techniques to solve the needs of a project in an efficient way. As an experienced and skilled tester, you have a large portfolio of test methods, such as combinatorial or class equivalency testing and know when and how to use them.
  • Perform testing on a variety of products, including web application front-ends on desktops and mobile devices, administrative interfaces, and RESTful transactional APIs.
  • Assist in the set-up and deployment of applications to the test environment.
  • Work with other team members as needed on other testing projects, including test automation.

What you offer:
  • 5+ years experience cumulative in the software industry as software tester.
  • Experience working on small teams, contributing in all areas of a project and product lifecycle as a tester, especially in an Agile/Scrum environment.
  • You understand that software testing is more than validation of expectations and that it is a critical investigation with the intent to discover information that helps move a project forward. You exuberate this attitude in all of your work products, from test planning to test artifacts.
  • Deep technical knowledge of testing large service-oriented systems at all levels. You have experience working on large-scale web applications and GUIs.
  • Strong knowledge of Unix or Linux systems. This means you are comfortable using basic shell commands and can write functional shell scripts to automate tasks and perform basic environment maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Good knowledge of databases, especially MySQL, and proficiency using SQL for data queries.
  • Critical thinker, questioner, investigator, and evaluator. You don’t accept the status quo and know the right types of questions to ask to remove ambiguity. This is demonstrated in how you plan and strategize your test projects.
  • Excellent communication skills in the English language. You will work with several stakeholders to identify the most important areas to test, and you must be able to articulate questions and test approaches clearly and concisely.

Desired Skills:
  • You have hands-on, practical experience in a programming or scripting language, such as Java, Python, Shell/Bash.
  • Experience working with test case management systems such as TestRail or Test Link.
  • Experience working with source control processes using SVN and Git.
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment involving the use of user stories instead of large product requirements documents.
  • Experience working with Selenium as a test automation solution.

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