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Q: What are the monthly fees for using the PaymentPin system?
A: Absolutely nothing. PaymentPin fees are collected as a percentage on the commissions generated through use of the system.

Q: How are my commissions paid?
A: Checks are issued monthly in Canadian dollars.

Q: What information is required to open my PaymentPin account?
A: The most critical is your proper mailing address along with your company name, contact person and related phone number. Commission checks are sent through regular mail so your current mailing address is the most important.

Q: Is the same access code (PIN) used for every internet user?
A: Absolutely not! For security reasons, each code generated by PaymentPin is unique guaranteeing that the paying section of your site is secure.

Q: When on my website does the user have to remain on the call with their line open?
A: No. Unlike other systems, PaymentPin charges are based on a per-item basis, not duration of call. Therefore after your customer has obtained his access code (PIN) they simply hang up their phone and navigate at leisure.

Q: How do I obtain statistics on the access codes I generate?
A: It’s simple; all you have to do is go to the members section and enter your user code. All monthly statistics including number of PIN’s issued, apyout amounts owing and usage statistics are displayed in real time on the page.

Q: Can multiple price points be managed through the same user account, or are separate ones required?
A: Yes! The PaymentPin user portal allows you to manage multiple price points all from the same point of access.

Q: Where are PaymentPin services available?
A: At current PaymentPin has coverage all over North America, Europe and Australia. South America and Asia are scheduled for release soon.


The PaymentPin team is made up of experts in technology, communications and marketing with the shared priority of merchant satisfaction.

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